Friday, June 21, 2013

24 Hot Dog Buns

It's official!

 It's DAY 1 of my summer holidays!  

Not quite sure if the word 'holiday' is the right noun, however  I am done working at the college until the end of August, so I am essentially experiencing that freeing feeling of yesteryear ... bursting through those big solid red doors at high school with backpack slung over my shoulder crammed full of overstuffed, paper protruding, marker tattooed broken binders and every other little bits and bobbles that took up residence in my locker that year and feeling FREEDOM! 

Hmm... so, DAY 1.

What shall I do?

You would think I'd have plenty of things to occupy my time. Well, let's be honest, I DO have many things that SHOULD be occupying my time.  
It has not gone unnoticed that my son has carved his name into the layer of dust on the topside of the piano in the living room.  Graciously he did not write, 'dust me', instead.   

But seriously, who wants to do what they MUST do on the very first day of freedom?  

As my few faithful readers have noted, I have not been faithful to you in blogging my brains out the past year.  I'm going to excuse my absence with the only word that will justify the reason:  TIME.  
Well, time and ... hmm... the lack of, or sense of 'creativity' streaming through my veins.  Artsy stuff like blogging, and especially at my posh style and high level of blogging (sarcasm) cannot be demanded or pressurized into a tin can molded into only one shape.  It must have ... wings ... to fly ... high and low and ...

Okay, I'm getting far too deep for my own good.

Bottom line?  Time.

So, with great resolve, on this first day of my official lolly gaging, (somewhat envious making) time off, I will proclaim that I shall make every effort to consistently, possibly everyday (no, I won't promise that) write snippets of wonderful and wise words trapped inside my noggin' just waiting to get out. Hmm ... well, not so much wise and possibly only once in awhile they might bring some wonder, but for those who care, I will share some snippets and hiccups of this here household of Lane.  

Hmm ... so back to the original question.

 What to do...what to do?  
(Head tilted every so slightly, gaze averted to the side, tapping index finger ever so slightly on the side of my cheek ... pondering).

Task 1:  delivery of 24 hot dog buns to my son's school for the year end class party.

It's going to be a GREAT summer!


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  1. Welcome back to blogworld, Laurie Lane!! I've missed you.