Tuesday, December 25, 2012

There is a natural rhythm in life.  Nothing ever stays quite the same.  And for the most part, we learn to adapt and embrace it.  

 This year was a year of change for the Phoenix side of the family.  With my parents announcing last spring that they were passing the 'turkey feast duties' on to the 'kids', we all approached this season with a mixed bag of emotions.  Who would host? ... What day would we have it? ... Who would cook the turkey!?...etc.  I will admit to having a lump in my throat and becoming a wee bit teary eyed that things were changing and so quickly, but I also knew in my heart, as bittersweet as it can be, change can also be good.

My wonderful brother and sister-in-law took on the challenge of hosting the entire clan at their beautiful home in London the Saturday before the 25th.  Yes, it was different in some ways, but I do believe there was a sense of new beginnings mixed into the wonderful normal we've always known it to be!  Does that make sense?   We enjoyed the same delightful turkey dinner trimmings, topped off with Grandma's traditional Cherry Chew Bars!  We opened gifts, enjoyed delightful conversation and possibly started a new tradition with a rousing game of Extreme Bop-It -- yes, all sixteen of us took part!

Which brings me to today - Christmas Day.  Another wonderful tradition has begun for our own little family.  This was the very first Christmas Day that we enjoyed waking up and opening gifts knowing we were not rushing out the door by noon. This would be, after almost 18 years of marriage, the first time we would sit down to our very own turkey dinner with all the trimmings in our own little home.  Not that we didn't absolutely delight in all the Christmas' years past and all the rush about it all ... in fact, we loved it all ... but it is good to start something new as well ... something fresh.  

What made this day even more special was having my parents drive from London to share in the day with us.  An opportunity for us to serve and share with them a meal! After all those years of taking care of us and doing all of the hard work of preparing their home, preparing the meal and having to clean up after all of us left for home ... finally ... we could do this for them ... and it was such a delight!

Tomorrow for boxing day we will head to Mom and Dad Lane's home in London - the other side of the family!  The absolute perfect way to wrap up this delightful time of year! No doubt, we will laugh and enjoy some wonderful conversation as we always do.  Another turkey dinner will be served and we will all stuff ourselves silly!  The cousins will play, the adults will linger in the front room and it will all feel complete.

My heart is very full and content this Christmas.  The change I feared might be the most difficult to endure has turned out to refresh my senses of what matters most.  Slowing down enough to enjoy the moments with the dearest of dear in our lives ... our family and friends ... and celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. What a lovely post! I'm so happy to hear that your new beginnings passed with flying colours. Traditions are wonderful and sometimes hard to let go, but I like the way you put it ... mixing in the new with the wonderful old normal. Way to go, Phoenix family!